Maple Tapioca Pudding (aka frogs’ eggs by yours truly)

Maple Tapioca Pudding

Maple Tapioca Pudding

Frogs’ eggs – umm I mean tapioca pudding is one of my favorite quick deserts to make.  They require only a few ingredients, fewer dishes, and easy prep time.

Why do I call them frogs’ eggs?  When I was a little girl I spent my days outside and if there was a puddle to play in you can bet I was in it.  Springtime brought the additional joy of puddles with (real) frogs’ eggs.  Ohhh I loved to play with them.  Luckily my mother was the type to provide an old fish tank so when I brought some home we could watch them hatch, grow and release (BEFORE they started jumping out of the tank) . When my daughter started asking about how baby’s develop I went and found a batch of eggs and let her watch the cycle of a frog.  Oops I digress, the texture of the tapioca beads reminded me of my beloved frogs’ eggs!

The recipe I use for Maple Tapioca Pudding is straight from the back of the box with the substitution of pure maple syrup.  I use slightly more then the 1/3 cup of sugar the recipe calls for.

Maple Tapioca Puddding

(Frogs’ Eggs)

1/3 cup plus Tbsp pure maple syrup  http ://

3 Tbsp Tapioca

2 3/4 cup milk

1 beaten egg

1 tsp vanilla

Utensils: You will need a medium sauce pan, liquid measuring cup, measuring spoons, fork ( to beat the egg), a stirring spoon and serving dishes.

Mix maple syrup, tapioca, milk and egg in a medium saucepan.  Let it stand for 5 minutes.

Cook on medium heat until it comes to a full rolling boil – make sure to stir the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t stick. Remove from heat and add the vanilla.

I pour my tapioca into individual serving dishes and cover it with plastic wrap to make it extra creamy.  ( Also so that we all end up with equal portions and can’t argue over who got more!)  Theorectically you’re supposed to let it cool 20 minutes.  The flavor is more enhanced the longer you leave it.  We did have one bowl left this morning, too bad everyone else slept in……

Ingredients for Maple Tapioca Pudding

Ingredients for Maple Tapioca Pudding