National Maple Syrup Day December 17!





Ian demonstrating maple is naturally good straight from the tree!

  • Maple syrup is 100% natural and organic, syrup is made by removing water – nothing is added!
  • It takes 40 gallons of sap from a sugar maple tree to produce 1 gallon of syrup!  It’s  a true  labor of love (or love of labor!).
  • Maple syrup  in vitamins  B2, B5,B6, niacin, biotin and folic acid
  • Maple syrup is rich in antioxidants
  • Maple syrup contains minerals such as calcium, iron,potassium, manganese, and phosphorous
  • Sugar maple

    Preparing sugar maples to be tapped for the first time.


  • Sugar maples (sometimes known as hard or  rock maples) are the primary type of maples we use to produce our maple syrup
  • Maple trees tend to be about 40 years old before they are first tapped – we minimize the damage to the tree when we tap, some of our trees are 100 years old!
  • Vermont Maple Syrup Grades Delicate Rich Robust

    Vermont Maple Syrup Grades
    Delicate Rich Robust


  • Grade A Golden Color with Delicate Taste
  • Grade A Amber Color with Rich Taste
  • Grade A Dark with Robust Taste