When the days begin to lengthen the cold begins to strengthen

Morning sun January 2015

Rising sun Stevens Mills Slide, VT

Invariably in January in northern Vermont we get some bone chilling, finger numbing, hurts to breath days.  Just as surely, I hear Grampa Hue’s voice saying “as the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen”.

Fence posts in January

Fence posts near Johnson, VT

This has been one of the first days of sunshine in a long time – so no matter what the thermometer says (-4 the last time I looked), the day just doesn’t seem so bad!

Missisquoi River January

Missisquoi River near Richford, VT

I stopped to watch an otter play on the ice this morning on the Missisquoi River then had to stop and take a picture of the railroad crossing.











Finches at feeder

Now for another cup of coffee sweetened with  maple syrup and some birdwatching – from inside the house!

Pinnacle Mountain in January 2015

Pinnacle Mountain Canada