In 1903 the first plume of steam rose from the Smith family sugar house, high in the hills of Richford, Vermont. It was the beginning of a proud tradition that has spanned for over 100 years and 5 generations.
Through the early years maple syrup was produced for our family and close friends, making sure to use every drop of sap from our maple grove for sweeteners, sauces, cream, and candy for everyone. As the great depression fell upon the country, my grandparents, Hue and Orpha Smith, expanded the sugaring operation and began a mail order business selling maple syrup and maple candy under the name Hi Vue Maples.
Along with my father, Dale Smith, my husband Matt and our children, Juliette and Ian, I am very proud to carry on the traditions of my great-grandparents and grandparents. From the Smith Family and the crew at Hi Vue Maples, thank you for visiting us, we hope you find everything you need.
~ Jessica Boone