67 years time to update

On the concrete base of  support beam in the sugarhouse is written “old HAS 67 years”. That would be old Herm, Dale’s grandfather, he was sixty seven years old when our current sugarhouse was built. My dad is sixty-seven this year and he’s decided it might be time to do some upgrades! As I write, the project has started, the upstairs loft had been cleaned out, the new rafters are piled ready to go. The upper part of the sugarhouse is coming off. A new roof, a new loft (without the gaping holes and creaky boards!), and new stacks going in. We’re also going to move our canning equipment into the sugarhouse so it’s all under one roof. Our faithful old arch is going too. It’s served us well, but it’s time for a new to us rig that my brother doesn’t use anymore. Hue bought the arch in 1927, the current set of pans sometime in the late 60’s/ early 70’s. A few repairs have been made, but all in all they were just built to last. Dad and I were trying to imagine all the syrup that’s gone through the rig, Dave said “just imagine if all the wood that’s been burnt was put in one pile”……….wow Trying to get this post done and pics together has taken a few days…… so we have a lot more progress to show.  The interior is torn apart but the frames are there and it’s pretty exciting! #maplesyrupforsale